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Our Tantric Massage in Ibiza offers a unique and holistic experience. Beyond physical pleasure, it delves into the subconscious, addressing emotional conflicts and desires. With our qualified professionals, the massages can be tailored for men, women and couples, no matter your sexual orientation. The tranquil environments and specialized equipment create a soothing atmosphere. Booking is easy, with various contact options available. Additional services like boat rentals add to the allure of Ibiza. Embrace the transformative power of tantric massage in this paradise destination.

Whether you decide to enjoy your tantric massage in Ibiza alone, with your friends or with your partner, we have the best and most wonderful team of massage therapists in the world. Our masseuses are perfectly prepared and experts in millenary techniques subjected to a rigorous system of selection and continuous learning. We are committed to providing you an authentic High-Class experience in which gentlemen, ladies, and couples of high socioeconomic status can always call or text us to relax and experience highly gratifying and pleasant sensations in an elegant, discreet, hygienic, and above all luxurious way to make sure you will achieve the explosion of energy after the tantra massage. 

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Authentic Tantra Massage Ibiza

eden tantra erotic massage ibiza

Tantra Temptation

Awake new sensations in your body. Above all, the masseuse will guide you in an intimate journey of pure relaxation and pleasure, the excitation will increase progressively combined with body to body techniques until the climax is reached.

60′ – 220 EUR
90′ – 320 EUR
120′ – 400 EUR


tantric massage in ibiza

Guilty Pleasure

Expand your orgasmic potential. This erotic massage is an experience of different levels of sensuality. Your masseuse will massage you from different Kamasutra positions while laying on your body fully naked so you can feel her divine body all over you. Let your imagination and tension go away.

60′ – 300 EUR
90′ – 420 EUR
120′ – 550 EUR


eden tantra erotic massage ibiza

Paradise Deluxe

Only for the most demanding. A mind-blowing massage with a high erotic charge and an exciting combination of all tantric techniques, including an erotic shower if desired. An explosion of pleasure you will never forget. In this massage you can massage your masseuse’s heavenly body.

60′ – 350 EUR
90′ – 480 EUR
120′ – 600 EUR

tantra massage in ibiza

Five Senses

Awakening of the 5 senses. The best of all our massages, as it is designed to make vibrate each of your senses, one by one. Your masseuse will use different tools & the highest levels of erotism in a massage, to help create a truly unforgettable experience. 


80′ – 500 EUR


eden erotic tantra massage ibiza

Double Trouble

Always dreamed of having an erotic adventure with two women? The gorgeous masseuses will take you on a sensual journey where you will totally forget the outside world.
The perfect way for you to really give yourself a treat is to double the number of hands running across your body.
An unforgettable sensation.


60′ Tantra Tentation – 440 EUR
90′ Guilty Pleasure – 600 EUR
120′ paradise Deluxe – 700EUR


eden erotic tantra massage ibiza

Couple Massage

Perfectly designed to bring adventurous couples together helping them reconnect with each other in new ways, with the choice of one therapist working for each individual, or 2 therapists one each. The prices variey depending on the type of massage (tantra tantation, guilty pleasure or paradise deluxe). Climax Tantra Erotic Massage


With 2 Masseuses:
60′ Tantra Tentation – 440 EUR
90′ Guilty Pleasure – 600 EUR
120′ paradise Deluxe – 700EUR


eden erotic tantra massage ibiza

Yoni Massage

Yoni tantric massage is a sexual tantra practice that involves massaging the vagina, which is called yoni in Sanskrit and loosely translates to “a sacred space.” Yoni massage allows you time to slowly explore your body in a more sensual way. The approach and technique is all about giving—making the vagina owner feel loved, cherished, worshipped, and honored.


60′ Tantra Temptation – 220 EUR
90′ Guilty Pleasure – 300 EUR
120′ Paradise Deluxe – 350 EUR


eden erotic tantra massage ibiza

Date & Massage

The perfect date experience refers to an appointment with the masseuse to enjoy some time together socially before the massage begins. Sometimes getting to know your masseuse and not just her body adds a sexy new dimension to your tantric experience. If you want to go beyond just the massage and get to know the person behind the hands that work the magic this in the massage for you.

60′ – 350 EUR
90′ – 480 EUR
120′ – 600 EUR


eden erotic tantra massage ibiza


An experience only suitable for lovers of strong sensations and alternative sexualities, who enjoy combining erotic modalities such as domination, pain and pleasure. Our beautiful dominatrix who leave behind all complexes, limitations or prejudices, always from mutual agreement and respect. 

60′ – 400 EUR
90′ – 550 EUR
120′ – 700 EUR


What is Tantra Massage Ibiza?

Eden Erotic Massage Ibiza offers a unique and transformative experience that combines the holistic and spiritual elements of ancient tantric practices with the natural beauty of the island. It goes beyond physical pleasure, providing a deeper connection and understanding of oneself and others.

Exploring the Holistic and Spiritual Elements

In the world of tantric massage, Ibiza stands out for its commitment to creating a sacred space for exploration and self-discovery. Embracing the holistic approach, these massages focus on the mind, body, and spirit connection. The aim is to awaken and channel the Kundalini energy, promoting a sense of balance, harmony, and profound relaxation.

Going Beyond Physical Pleasure

Tantric massage in Ibiza is not solely about physical pleasure but delves into the depths of emotions and desires. It allows individuals to analyze and release emotional conflicts, ultimately leading to a heightened sense of self-awareness and personal growth. This unique experience encourages individuals to embrace their sensuality, opening doors to a new realm of intimacy in a really pleasant way.

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