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Anyway, accordingly, we won’t be keeping you waiting anymore longer. Let us now take a look at what you can expect from Erotic Massage Therapy.

Sensuality is the fundamental concept of an erotic massage. In fact, the subject of erotica itself is based on sensuality. Therefore, stimulation of your body and mind is very much possible through touch, and this is what the masseuse providing the Erotic Massage aim to do in the session. Read More…

Now the question is how tantric massage manages to do so? Here is a bird’s eye view. Read More…

Successful business people, singers, and actors confirmed they regularly enjoy tantra massage. Some of them even claim they’re trying to learn this amazing massage technique to show their hesitant friends how efficient it is. They attend lectures given by private tantra teachers, read books, or even take an online tantra massage course on Zing events. These increasingly popular events are held across the globe. Here, you can find the best Erotic Tantra Massage in Ibiza for Successful People.

Tom Hanks was convinced by his wife. One of the top-notch Hollywood actors, and Tom Hanks, said his ex-wife had made him try tantra massage. He only went because she wouldn’t stop insisting. Unexpectedly, he was more than satisfied and decided to continue. Today, he is one of the greatest proponents of this ancient massage technique… Read More

Erotic Massage Ibiza

 Tantric massage is an ancient practice that has been used the world over since 600 AD. At Eden Tantric Massage, we have updated and modernized the traditional tantric experience to bring it into the 21st century, making it a valuable part of your self-care arsenal, as well as a sexy way to indulge your desires.

 Tantric massage boasts benefits for both mind and body, all realised through erotic touch. Concepts like stress and anxiety melt away when the age-old techniques of tantra are applied by our exquisite masseuses. Our beautifully endowed masseuses have been trained thoroughly in the tantric arts, each one more gorgeous and skilled than the last. As a result, tantra inspires romantic notions of far-off places and exotic experiences. We aim to bring a bit of that seduction and whimsy into every one of our tantric massages… Read More

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Ibiza has long held a reputation as a global night clubbing centre. Additionally, as a result, the island attracts travelers from all over the world looking to party at famous open-air clubs, beach raves, disco buses, and the San Antonio strip.

There is however so much more to Ibiza and times are changing. As a result, the island is home to world-class beaches, picturesque rugged landscape, fun water sports and adrenaline inducing adventure activities.

We’ve put together a list of the best things to do on the island other than clubbing.

Explore Dalt Vila

Ibiza has a rich tapestried history that goes back as far as the Romans, and so it’s no surprise the island is home to numerous UNESCO world heritage sites. The pick of the bunch is the Ibiza old town known as Dalt Vila… Read More

Couple massage Ibiza

The ecstasy of a Tantric massage is not just restricted to one person you can enjoy the delights of a Tantric massage with your partner with our Tantric massage for couples. You will experience the same sacred and spiritual emotions, but the pleasure will be intensified. You will feel the positive sexual energies emanating from your partner as they are massaged tenderly by one of our beautiful and talented masseuses or masseurs. A Tantric massage for couples is a full body massage experience. As a result, you will feel your naked masseuse’s body against yours, tenderly creating a spiritual connection between you both as the sensuality and pleasure is slowly and pleasurably built. EDEN Erotic massage Ibiza’s Tantric massage for couples adds a new and exciting element to your relationship as your explore each others’ sexuality and spirituality, guided by your talented masseuses… Read More

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One of the biggest problems for men when it comes to having a sexual relationship is erectile dysfunction, but did you know that there are different solutions to be able to have an erection and be able to have satisfactory sexual relations. One of these solutions is that of a tantric massage, As a result, a service that can be considered within the erotic massages of EDEN since it seeks sexual and erotic stimulation of the erogenous parts but not Its main objective is ejaculation or physical pleasure.

In this article we want to focus on offering information on massages that help improve erection. This type of erotic massage, which is performed in our center in privacy and in a safe and pleasant environment, seeks to address one of the problems and delve into it to improve blood circulation and stimulation through a body massage where the pressure and advice of our masseuses allow erectile dysfunction to disappear… Read More

Because of nudity is a natural part of human life, but in the modern world humans have become ashamed of their bodies and it is seen as almost unnatural and wrong to expose your body.Naturists enjoy the exposure to sunlight and enjoy the positive benefits from this such as a positive mind, happiness, decreased anxiety and increased production of vitamin D. At EDEN Erotic massage Ibiza  we aim to replicate this feeling of positivity and relaxation with our selection of naturist massages.

Our massages can be experienced naked. As a result, this is often the best way as you can truly feel at one with your masseuse and will get the most from your massage. Because the feeling of your masseuse’s touch is an incredibly pleasurable and sensual one and this pleasure and sensuality can be doubled by booking two beautiful masseuses for your massage. EDEN Erotic massage Ibiza offers a naturist massage London is famous for and many people have experienced this once in a lifetime sensation. EDEN Erotic massage Ibiza customers always experience the best and because of this EDEN Erotic massage Ibiza have been voted the best massage for nine years.

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The best tips to stimulate the testicles

The testicles are one of the most important erogenous zones, a very sensitive area that is made up of millions of nerve endings. Thanks to this, they can be stimulated in thousands of ways, which will make you discover very pleasant sensations that you may not have known until now.

Among the best stimulation techniques are stimulation with your hands, with your mouth, you can also play with a change in temperature and even stimulate them during penetration.

The most classic stimulation

It is best to smear your hands with a good water-based lubricant or with some massage oil, this way you avoid annoying rubbing or friction that can harm your partner.

To start, you can cup his testicles with one hand and slowly move your fingers. From that moment it will be very important that you observe his expressions and the rest of the non-verbal language that will help you to know which are his most sensitive areas or the movements that he likes the most. Try to vary the rhythm and direction of the movement to check which sensations are the ones that make him feel the most pleasure, you will probably discover some point of pleasure that he himself did not know.



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