What to expect from your First Erotic Massage Session


Anyway, we won’t be keeping you waiting anymore longer. Let us now take a look at what you can expect from Erotic Massage Therapy.

Sensuality is the fundamental concept of an erotic massage. In fact, the subject of erotica itself is based on sensuality. Therefore, stimulation of your body and mind is very much possible through touch, and this is what the masseuse providing the Erotic Massage aim to do in the session.

Now the question is how tantric massage manages to do so? Here is a bird’s eye view. 


Successful business people, singers, and actors confirmed they regularly enjoy tantra massage. Some of them even claim they’re trying to learn this amazing massage technique to show their hesitant friends how efficient it is. They attend lectures given by private tantra teachers, read books, or even take an online tantra massage course on Zing events. These increasingly popular events are held across the globe. Here, you can find the best Erotic Tantra Massage in Ibiza for Successful People.

Erotic Massage Ibiza

The Benefits of booking a Tantric Massage with Eden

 Tantric massage is an ancient practice that has been used the world over since 600 AD. At Eden Tantric Massage, we have updated and modernized the traditional tantric experience to bring it into the 21st century, making it a valuable part of your self-care arsenal, as well as a sexy way to indulge your desires.

 Tantric massage boasts benefits for both mind and body, all realised through erotic touch. Concepts like stress and anxiety melt away when the age-old techniques of tantra are applied by our exquisite masseuses. Our beautifully endowed masseuses have been trained thoroughly in the tantric arts, each one more gorgeous and skilled than the last. Tantra inspires romantic notions of far-off places and exotic experiences. We aim to bring a bit of that seduction and whimsy into every one of our tantric massages in Ibiza. 

Tantric massage is an ancient practice that has been used throughout the world since 600 AD. At Eden Tantric Massage, we’ve updated and modernized the traditional tantric experience to bring it into the 21st century, making it a valuable part of your self-care arsenal as well as a sexy way to satisfy your desires.

Tantric massage has benefits for both the mind and the body, all performed through erotic touch. Concepts such as stress and anxiety vanish when our exquisite masseuses apply the ancient techniques of tantra. Our beautifully gifted masseuses have been thoroughly trained in the tantric arts, each one more beautiful and skilled than the last. Tantra inspires romantic notions of faraway places and exotic experiences. Our goal is to provide a bit of that seduction and fantasy in each of our tantric massages in Ibiza. When we say you’ll be in good hands, we mean it! And by good we mean flexible, sexy and stronger than you think. We give the best tantric massage in Ibiza, without a doubt.

Eden Erotic Massage is healthy and sexy!

Tantric massage techniques can wake up your body, but the real goal is to wake up your mind. When the mind is opened and the body is invited to follow, that is the beginning of the path to pure pleasure. Tantra uses a variety of methods to relax stored sexual tension in the body, helping to resolve issues with libido, intimacy, and sexual function. A tantric massage in Ibiza will enhance your desires and leave you completely exhausted after a spectacular finish.

physical benefits

Tantric massage is a fascinating experience, some would even say: transcendent. Through breathing, erotic touch and physical stimulation, tantric massage promotes circulation and oxygenation, which have many benefits:

Improved cardiovascular health
A booster for the immune system
Regulation of the circadian rhythm
more effective healing
sexual benefits

Pleasure and the exchange of sacred energy is at the core of tantric massage. Tantra is an effective way to let go of hang-ups related to sex, release negative associations with sex or your body, and heal past hurts caused by sex or intimacy. Tantric massage is associated with improvements in both sexual performance and stamina. Helping the body and mind reach a deeper level of pleasure is an integral part of the tantric experience. Through tantric therapy you will become a better lover, because you will learn the full extent of what pleasure can be.

Mental Benefits

One of the best things about a tantric massage is how much it stimulates your mind. We have received feedback on the mental benefits our customers have experienced and we couldn’t be happier with what they have said. People report an elevated mood, sometimes lasting for days, often accompanied by better sleep and increased mental clarity.

Confidence in the bedroom often comes and goes. Many factors in life can affect self-confidence, but tantric massage can help restore it. Many people, both men and women, have found renewed vigor and sexual energy after a tantric massage.

Too much pressure

Anxiety, depression, and chronic fatigue syndrome are rapidly spreading among our population. The stress we all deal with on a regular basis turns out to be more dangerous than we first thought. As the situation worsens, people are desperately looking for solutions. They are looking for innovative solutions that can improve their lives and the lives of their loved ones.

the common path

Some decide to try yoga and various breathing techniques that are closely associated with it. Others opt for regular exercise and popular eating plans like the ketogenic diet and intermittent fasting. Although these are all legitimate approaches, today we are going to talk about the new rising star in the world of healthy living: Tantric massage. This massage technique is a complete game changer. This is why!

Abundance of Benefits

The positive effects of tantra massage have always been known among members of the scientific community. However, it was not until recently that the general public became more familiar with the benefits of this relaxing and restorative massage technique. Today we know that tantric massage can be effective in treating many ailments.

It could relieve anxiety and help you achieve a perfectly calm state of mind. Many people reported that tantric massage makes them depression proof and gives them the strength to complete even the most unpleasant tasks. Additionally, there is anecdotal evidence that this type of massage can help you stabilize your blood pressure and improve the quality of your sleep.

The amazing benefits of tantra massage have recently been highlighted by several celebrities who decided to come out and openly talk about how it had improved their overall well-being. If people who make millions and can afford all kinds of expensive treatments choose tantric massage, there must be something to it!

rich and healthy

Successful businessmen, singers and actors confirmed that they regularly enjoy tantric massage. Some of them even claim that they are trying to learn this amazing massage technique to show their hesitant friends how efficient it is. They attend lectures given by private tantra teachers, read books, or even take an online tantra massage course on Zing events. These increasingly popular events are held all over the world.

Scarlet Johannson received a book

The vast majority of her fans were surprised when Scarlet Johannson said that tantric massage changed her life. Apparently a friend of hers gave her a book on tantric massage and while she was very skeptical at first, she eventually fell in love with it and has been enjoying it regularly ever since. According to her, this massage technique can help your body recover faster and prepare for new challenges.

Tom Hanks was convinced by his wife

One of the best actors in Hollywood, Tom Hanks, said that his ex-wife had made him try tantric massage. It was only because she kept insisting. Unexpectedly, he was more than satisfied and decided to continue. Today, he is one of the biggest advocates of this ancient massage technique.

Sting was looking for something completely new

The famous singer who goes by the name Sting describes himself as curious, adventurous and willing to experiment. She had always loved healthy living, and when she first heard about tantric massage, she was immediately interested.

He asked and eventually booked his first date. Like you said, you were looking for a snack. He needed some new experience to cheer him up. Fortunately, that is precisely what he found!

Common misconceptions

People often perceive tantra massage as just sex. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth. Tantra massage is a spiritual journey. It is a complex treatment that aims to improve your body, your mind and your soul. Through tantra training, you can raise your level of consciousness, improve your immune system, and get closer to the true essence of yourself.

One of the most popular types of massage services right now is none other than what they call erotic massage. Due to its name, a huge number of people like you who may not have even tried it before have probably assumed that this type of massage would only have something to do with any type of sexual activity.

Sure, this type of massage has been commonly done to people who want to have a great improvement to their sexual lives and capacities, but this type of massaging service has a wide range of benefits that is not just for sexual purposes, but for a person’s general well-being, as well.

In this case, if you are now thinking of booking an appointment with a massage therapist for a session of erotic massage, then you have to know certain things about it, as well as the different reasons why you should get yourself this very popular kind of massage. So if you want to learn about it,  then you better read on to find out more.

Tantric Massage: Some Things That You Need to Know About This Popular Massage

Tantric massage is another name for the popular type of massaging technique, which is none other than erotic massage. This type of massage has been very popular with many adults right now. it is because not only you will feel more relaxed and free of any physical aches and pains, but more especially, you will be more sexually fulfilled and capable.

Contrary to the belief of most people, this type of massage is not just some random trend that was just created someone recently this popular type of massage is a one that has its roots traced back from the East more than one thousand years ago, particularly in countries like China and India.

When the tantric massage was first practiced in these countries, it was not just to provide relief from pain and stress – it was used especially for spiritual well-being and of course, sexual pleasure, arousal, fulfillment, and capability.

Sure, the original purpose of this type of sensual massage has been carried over to the modern versions of the said massaging service. But aside from those purposes, you can now get your own erotic massage experience for a better health condition and mental well-being.

Now, What Are the Exact Reasons Why You Need a Tantric Massage Now?

Aside from the fact that getting this kind of massage will make you feel good and free of pains and stress, there are still other reasons why you should stop thinking twice now and get yourself a very unforgettable experience by getting this very popular type of massage.

The first reason that you should know I that getting this massage will greatly improve your physical health. Normally, what the therapist does to you during an erotic massage session is perform a full body massage on your body. This will surely feel good to your body, especially if you just took a shower shortly before your massage session. You are allowed to take a shower using the shower facilities within the massage parlor, so grab that opportunity to get the best out of your massage session.

The reason why this kind of massage will be greatly helpful in improving your physical health is that it brings a lot of great benefits to your body, such as the stimulation of your lymphatic systems, which is important to drain away from the toxins from your body. aside from that, this massage is also very helpful in easing various kinds of aches and pains and your muscles and connective tissues.

And also, this kind of massage is very helpful in lowering blood pressure, which can, in turn, lower the risks of having more serious diseases. And most of all, it will surely help you to relax all the tensions in your body, thus reducing all the pain you had been feeling from an entire week of stressful work. 

The second reason why you need to have an erotic massage is that it can also improve your mental health. Not only could help you regain your health physically, but it can also help you regain your health mentally and your well-being.

As you all know, mental health is very important to each person nowadays, and this type of massage can certainly help you relieve your stress. What could be the reason for this? It is the fact that skillful touches and strokes done by a professional therapist on your body can release dopamine, which is known as a pleasure hormone, and oxytocin, known as a happiness hormone. Aside from that, the touches themselves can be a great reliever of anxiety, after all, this is why hugs and kisses are great stress and anxiety relievers for most people.

Tantric massage is very much helpful to your mental well-being, also because it can relieve your mind from stress and other mental distractions so that you can fight insomnia and have a productive sleep, as well as to reduce the risks of depression and anxiety that can be caused by the outside forces. This is highly recommended for working people because having a relaxed mind can make you productive and happy at work and home.

And lastly, having an erotic massage is a must because that is very enjoyable. There is no denying that everyone needs to enjoy a little bit more sometimes. And in terms of enjoying something without actually doing something, a soothing erotic massage is the most ideal one.

Just knowing the facts about the great pleasures that you will get from this type of massage can already make your mood better. What more if you are experiencing this very soothing massage yourself? Every touch, stroke, and technique used to make your body feel pleasure can already be some of the most enjoyable moments you will ever experience in your life. And after your session is over, you will feel recharged, more relaxed, much happier, and more fulfilled.

It was another late finish and I was sitting in an unfamiliar office building in Ibiza working on this new business contract. I’d flown over from the US to work on this contract and nothing was going right. “Why won’t you work?” I desperately asked my laptop as its light blinked innocently at me. I sighed. I was going mad, talking to my office hardware.

“Um, there’s a problem sir” stammered a voice from the doorway.

“Yes?” I snapped back.

“The files. They’re not…”

Again I sighed. The files we needed hadn’t been emailed over and we didn’t have a hard copy of them.

“Well, they’ve got to be here somewhere right?” I asked pleadingly. I just wanted to go back to my hotel room and relax, but this tension headache wasn’t going anywhere and neither was this work. I hurriedly searched through desks and drawers, desperate to find the files I knew wouldn’t be there. As I was searching, I saw a piece of paper with a name and number scrawled down – EDEN Erotic Massage. For some reason, the name stopped me in my tracks. Where had I heard that name before? I could swear someone had mentioned the name. Then it hit me – Harvey back in New York had told me about EDEN Erotic Massage in Ibiza. He said their tantric massages were the best in Ibiza and he was quite adamant that they were the best in the world.

“You can leave, it’s getting late. It’ll get sorted tomorrow” I said to the intern in the doorway.

“Thanks, sir, see you tomorrow” and he left.

As I walked back to my hotel room, I kept thinking about EDEN Erotic Massage. I felt slightly nervous – I’d never had a massage before, this was completely new territory for me. When I reached my hotel suite I sat on the bed, looked at the number over and over again. Eventually, I took a deep breath and called the number.

I paced up and down in my room. I was excited – I’d heard so much about EDEN from Harvey that I knew this was going to be a special experience. Far better than sitting in an office looking for files, that I could be sure of. Suddenly there was a knock at the door. As I opened it, I couldn’t believe what I saw; the most stunning woman I’d ever seen was standing there. As she walked into my suite, her beauty intoxicated me. She introduced herself as Gabriela. She was tall, with long silky soft dark hair and her voice instantly soothed me. I could feel my tension headache disappearing. As Gabriela took her clothes off, I couldn’t help but stare; her body was toned and beautifully curvaceous in all the right places. I couldn’t wait to feel her touch on my tired, aching body.

Gabriela touched my shoulders, her hands covered in gorgeously silky massage oil. My entire body was electrified at the very first touch as she rubbed the massage oil into my tingling skin. She tenderly began rubbing her gorgeous naked body against mine and started rubbing the inside of my thighs. I could feel the sensuality building inside me as she touched every part of my body. As I watched Gabriela caress every part of my body, I felt exhilarated – I could feel the climax building and I closed my eyes, unable to hold off the feeling of intense pleasure any longer. The feeling was indescribable, I had never felt ecstasy like this before.

As Gabriela left, I knew I had experienced something special from an expertly trained masseuse. I’d experienced a once-in-a-lifetime massage and I knew that when I returned to America I would be telling everyone about EDEN’s Body-to-Body Massage.

Ibiza has long held a reputation as a global night clubbing centre. The island attracts travellers from all over the world looking to party at famous open-air clubs, beach raves, disco buses and the San Antonio strip.

There is however so much more to Ibiza and times are changing. The island is home to world class beaches, picturesque rugged landscape, fun water sports and adrenaline inducing adventure activities.

We’ve put together a list of the best things to do on the island other than clubbing.

Explore Dalt Vila

Ibiza has rich tapestried history that goes back as far as the Romans, so it’s no surprise the island is home to numerous UNESCO world heritage sites. The pick of the bunch is the Ibiza old town known as Dalt Vila. The area is full of beautiful white-washed building, cobblestone streets, cathedrals, castles and canons. If you’re in town during the second week of May then you’ll be able to join the Ibiza medieval fair, a four-day local event celebrating the towns history.

Try some Water Sports

Ibiza is surrounded by crystal clear tranquil waters, the ideal setting some water sports. Stand up paddle boarding, kayaking, snorkelling, flyboarding and water skiing are just some of the options on offer.

Diving is a must and the marine life is exquisite. Whether you are beginner or experienced diver Ibiza will have something for you.

Enjoy a Cruise

This one is a pleasant chilled out way to enjoy the beauty of Ibiza and the surrounding Mediterranean Sea. Whether it be on a private cruise or a group trip you’ll want to make sure you have a cold drink in your hand and when it gets too hot you can always go for a swim in the sea. There are multiple options to choose from, full day trips, half day trips, beach hopping, cave tours and our favourite a sunset cruise.

Hike in the mountains

There are several hiking trails to explore on Ibiza and most aren’t to difficult. The hike to the top of Sa Talaia, the islands tallest point, is a straightforward uphill walk stretching only 2.4km. At the top you’ll get panoramic views of the whole island.

Go on a Road Trip

Ibiza’s road network is extensive, clearly marked and well maintained so renting a car for a long drive makes is easy. There are numerous tree-lined back roads, charming villages and beautiful landscapes just waiting to be explored. 

A Day trip to Formentara

Known as Ibiza’s chilled out neighbour, Formentara is only five-mile ferry ride away. You’ll find pristine beaches, delicious food, bicycle trails and great souvenirs at the Mecat de la mola (a hippy art and flea market).

Try An Erotic Massage 

At EDEN Erotic massage Ibiza we understand the importance of luxury and indulgence. This is why we ensure that our massages are the epitome of pleasure and luxury by utilising the best massage techniques and employing only the most beautiful and talented massage therapists. We also understand the importance of comfort, discretion and choice. This is why your Tantric massage will take place in your hotel room or home with a gorgeous masseuse that you have chosen yourself from our stunning gallery. A Tantric massage is a massage like no other. You will be taken on a journey of enlightened pleasure, ending in a rapturous climax that is indescribable. The emotional and pleasurable release at the end of a Tantric massage is intense; a truly incomparable sensation.

The ecstasy of a Tantric massage is not just restricted to one person you can enjoy the delights of a Tantric massage with your partner with our Tantric massage for couples. You will experience the same sacred and spiritual emotions, but the pleasure will be intensified. You will feel the positive sexual energies emanating from your partner as they are massaged tenderly by one of our beautiful and talented masseuses or masseurs. A Tantric massage for couples is a full body massage experience. You will feel your naked masseuse’s body against yours, tenderly creating a spiritual connection between you both as the sensuality and pleasure is slowly and pleasurably built. EDEN Erotic massage Ibiza’s Tantric massage for couples adds a new and exciting element to your relationship as your explore each others’ sexuality and spirituality, guided by your talented masseuses.

A Tantric massage is an incredibly special massage. Not only does it include all the benefits of a regular massage such as relaxation, pain relief and stress reducing abilities it heightens your senses and allows you to explore your sexuality and spirituality in an intimate and pleasurable way. Tantric massage was discovered centuries ago in ancient Hindu texts and has been used extensively to bring order to life and to experience clarity of mind. EDEN Erotic massage Ibiza for couples allows you to experience these benefits and more experiencing this massage with your partner will create sexual and emotional harmony between you, bringing your fantasies to life.

The intimacy and pleasure you will experience during the Tantric massage for couples will be like no other. There will be the anticipation and excitement of trying something new with your partner and the feeling of a deep connection as you reach an elevated spiritual plane together. You will explore both of your fantasies, emotions and sexualities together in order to uncover positive energies previously dormant within your body. You will even learn new things about your partner’s sexuality, therefore improving your sexual relationship. You will have a better understanding of the enjoyment you can bring your partner due to your new found spiritual and sexual enlightenment. A Tantric massage is special in many ways not only does it create a pleasurable physical release, but it also creates a spiritual release. Your talented masseuse will ensure that you reach spiritual and sexual enlightenment, uniting your mind, body and soul for a life affirming and unforgettable experience. After experiencing a Tantric massage for couples, you will have a new perspective on your sexuality and pleasure. It will create a brand new appreciation for your emotions and sexual pleasure, ensuring a strengthened sexual relationship with your partner and a shared sensual, electrifying experience.

Our Tantric massage for couples will benefit your relationship both sexually and emotionally and is ideal for an unforgettable and sensual treat, a way to explore fantasies safely and to invigorate your sexuality. Our Tantric massage for couples refreshes you and allows you to explore your emotions, taking you on a journey of enlightenment and ecstasy that will never be forgotten. EDEN Erotic massage Ibiza’s Tantric massage for couples is based upon the ancient teachings of Tantric massage and we are dedicated to training our masseuses to fully understand this sacred, sensual art and the best techniques to bring your rapturous pleasure. Our devotion to training our masseuses in the art of Tantric massage ensures that you will experience the best Tantric massage on offer. For a truly life changing experience, book a Tantric massage for couples with EDEN Erotic massage Ibiza today.

Nudity is a natural part of human life, but in the modern world humans have become ashamed of their bodies and it is seen as almost unnatural and wrong to expose your body. However, naturism is a lifestyle defined by harmony with nature so nothing could be more natural than being naked! Many people enjoy being naked and feel that the sensation of the wind, rain and sunlight on your skin is a wonderfully freeing one that cannot be replicated. Naturists enjoy the exposure to sunlight and enjoy the positive benefits from this such as a positive mind, happiness, decreased anxiety and increased production of vitamin D. At EDEN Erotic massage Ibiza  we aim to replicate this feeling of positivity and relaxation with our selection of naturist massages.

Our massages can be experienced naked, and this is often the best way as you can truly feel at one with your masseuse and will get the most from your massage. The feeling of your masseuse’s touch is an incredibly pleasurable and sensual one and this pleasure and sensuality can be doubled by booking two beautiful masseuses for your massage. EDEN Erotic massage Ibiza offers a naturist massage London is famous for and many people have experienced this once in a lifetime sensation. EDEN Erotic massage Ibiza customers always experience the best and because of this EDEN Erotic massage Ibiza have been voted the best massage for nine years.

As well as the freeing experience of being naked, the sensuality and eroticism experienced from EDEN Erotic massage Ibiza’s naturist massages cannot be denied. The feeling of your naked masseuse’s body against yours is a luxurious and stunning sensation. Your masseuse will work on building your sensuality, resulting in the most incredible and ecstasy filled climax you will ever experience. It is for this reason that EDEN Erotic massage Ibiza’s customers wish to experience the fantastic sensual naturist massages time and time again! Our excellent technique and stunningly beautiful masseuses make EDEN Erotic massage Ibiza’s naturist massage the best naturist massage London has ever known and ever will know.

You will be caressed by your beautiful masseuse, handpicked from our gallery of stunning and intelligent women. The feeling of warm massage oil rubbed into your muscles creates a feeling of serenity and calm and the pleasure of your naked masseuse’s body against yours is like no other. You will be tenderly rubbed and caressed, creating a unique and truly sensual experience that is unforgettable. Our fantastic massage techniques allow you to feel truly relaxed and have been proven to reduce stress and anxiety, something that is incredibly important in the fast moving modern world. The choice of massages and massage therapists at EDEN Erotic massage Ibiza is unrivaled and impressive. You will be able to choose a naturist massage with our special blend of massage techniques including Tantra and Swedish.

Our beautiful masseuses are ready and waiting for you to choose them to take you on a once in a lifetime journey of pleasure and sensuality. We cater for the most discerning and luxurious tastes and have a variety of intelligent and gorgeous masseuses for you to choose from. All EDEN Erotic massage Ibiza’s masseuses are artfully trained in the best massage techniques as we like to guarantee your pleasure. Your masseuse will explore your fantasies and ensure that you experience the most pleasurable experience of your life that will never be forgotten. Our massages are enlightening and filled with ecstasy, but the pleasure is heightened by experiencing your massage naked. There is an added sensuality that electrifies your body and heightens your senses as your beautiful masseuse massages massage oil into your body, leaving no part of you untouched and caressed. Every part of your body will be concentrated on, with the intention being to leave you in a state of pure ecstasy. EDEN Erotic massage Ibiza’s naturist massage is a naturist massage London is internationally known for. Your fantasies will be brought to life by your beautiful masseuse and begins with a call to EDEN Erotic massage Ibiza.

One of the biggest problems for men when it comes to having a sexual relationship is erectile dysfunction, but did you know that there are different solutions to be able to have an erection and be able to have satisfactory sexual relations. One of these solutions is that of a tantric massage, a service that can be considered within the erotic massages of EDEN since it seeks sexual and erotic stimulation of the erogenous parts but not Its main objective is ejaculation or physical pleasure.

In this article we want to focus on offering information on massages that help improve erection. This type of erotic massage, which is performed in our center in privacy and in a safe and pleasant environment, seeks to address one of the problems and delve into it to improve blood circulation and stimulation through a body massage where the pressure and advice of our masseuses allow erectile dysfunction to disappear, improve self-confidence and being able to enjoy sexuality to the fullest.

What is erectile dysfunction?

Erectile dysfunction, commonly known as impotence, is the most common male sexual dysfunction and causes difficulties in achieving and maintaining an erection when having sexual intercourse . This dysfunction increases when we get older but is not directly related to age.

Erection problems are not a cause for concern since there are different causes that provoke the inability to maintain intercourse but there are various solutions such as tantalizing massages and others. It is true that if this dysfunction continues over time it can cause stress or certain insecurities in people who suffer from it, so talking about it with the doctor is the most recommended.


Causes of erectile dysfunction

There are many factors that can cause erectile dysfunction such as diseases, but there are certain components that can help accentuate it, such as alcohol, tobacco, stress or lack of regular physical exercise.

In terms of diseases, diabetes, heart disease, as well as diseases that affect the kidney or liver are the main ones that cause erectile dysfunction.

How to treat erectile dysfunction?

There are many ways to treat erectile dysfunction but when it comes to treatments, the more natural the better, which is why many doctors advise trying to have sex more frequently and this is where the tantric massage comes in. This totally natural type of massage allows you to recover sexual libido and explore new contrasts and levels of sexuality.

Discover our center in Barcelona, ​​Shiva Massages, where we have professional masseuses with experience in tantra massages who can help you recover your erection.

What does tantric massage do to reduce erectile dysfunction?

Do you want to know how an erotic massage such as tantric can help you with the problems of erectile dysfunction? Tantra massage is an ancient Hindu technique whose objective is to achieve personal and sexual growth through pleasure. While the dysfunction may be caused by some type of disease such as diabetes, coronary diseases, blood pressure problems, there are other physical and psychological factors that make erection difficult and through a treatment such as a tantric massage can reduce these factors. and reach the erection.

But what can a trantra massage do in erectile dysfunction:

Improves blood flow

On many occasions the lack of flow due to some muscular problem causes erectile dysfunction and this has a solution through tantric massages since they are specially designed to treat areas that other massages will not focus on, such as the genital area and the muscles that surround it. surround. By improving blood circulation in the area, we help unblock possible blood blockages, allowing an erection.

Reduces stress and muscle tension

Another of the causes of erectile dysfunction comes from the stress that causes us muscular tensions and worries that prevent us from rection. Hormones can contribute to a decrease in libido, so treating this problem with an erotic massage like tranny can help you reach levels of relaxation that are very difficult with other types of massage.

More sexual energy

Tantric exercises help to recover libido and the desire to enjoy sex with your partner. The massage and its exercises help increase sexual energy and activate points that until now you were unaware of when it comes to enjoying your sexuality.

massage erotic ibiza testicles climax orgasm

The best tips to stimulate the testicles

The testicles are one of the most important erogenous zones, a very sensitive area that is made up of millions of nerve endings. Thanks to this, they can be stimulated in thousands of ways, which will make you discover very pleasant sensations that you may not have known until now.

Among the best stimulation techniques are stimulation with your hands, with your mouth, you can also play with a change in temperature and even stimulate them during penetration.

The most classic stimulation


It is best to smear your hands with a good water-based lubricant or with some massage oil, this way you avoid annoying rubbing or friction that can harm your partner.

To start, you can cup his testicles with one hand and slowly move your fingers. From that moment it will be very important that you observe his expressions and the rest of the non-verbal language that will help you to know which are his most sensitive areas or the movements that he likes the most. Try to vary the rhythm and direction of the movement to check which sensations are the ones that make him feel the most pleasure, you will probably discover some point of pleasure that he himself did not know.

Be sure to stimulate all around his testicles, don’t limit yourself to one area. This examination will take you to the perineum, a very thin area of ​​skin between the testicles and the anus. Caress her while gradually increasing the intensity, you will increase her pleasure infinitely, the reason is that this is one of the ways to stimulate her P-spot.

At EDEN Massage our erotic masseuses know the best techniques to stimulate the P-spot. If you want to experience a new world of pleasures, come and let yourself be carried away by the hands of our masseuses.

Stimulation with the mouth: a secret that changes everything

Thin-skinned areas can be stimulated with other parts of the body besides the hands, such as the tongue and lips. The softness of both parts and the humidity will make the stimulation very fluid, all your nerve endings will be stimulated and at the same time you will be able to experience a pleasant sensation of heat, which will further enhance your pleasure and your level of excitement.

You can also try using an edible massage oil, or one that provides a hot/cold effect, it will lead you to discover a paradise full of different pleasures that you didn’t know you could feel.

A massage to cultivate sexual energy

Our expert masseuses know how to use their massage techniques to, in addition to producing pleasure, move and control sexual energy. Testicular massage allows you to generate and recover this energy and through massage it is also possible to increase the production of testosterone, one of the most important sex hormones, produced in the testicles.

This movement of energy allows you to revitalize sexual energy, strengthen erections and relieve any pressure on the testicles that you may feel after intercourse. Our masseuses follow some of the techniques of the Taoist master Mantak Chia.

According to Mantak Chia, the healing energy in the hands must be used to perform this massage. You start by massaging each testicle with your index finger and thumb for one or two minutes, this may cause some mild discomfort, in which case you should continue massaging gently until the pain disappears. This pain may be due to some energy blockage and with the massage it is possible to mobilize the energy in that area.

This is followed by a technique that invigorates and increases sperm production. It is done by raising the penis and gently tapping the testicles with the middle finger. This type of technique, together with stimulation techniques, makes you feel great well-being and improves your sexual health.

The Lingam Massage

The Sanskrit word for the male sexual organ is Lingam, which means Staff of Light that channels energy and pleasure. That is the concept of the male sexual organ that is used in the world of tantra.

Tantric massages go beyond the search for sexual arousal, it is understood as the achievement of harmony between body and spirit. This practice is free of expectations about the couple, you just have to open yourself to feel and enjoy.

When the man has freed himself from the goal of achieving an orgasm, and with the right training, it is when he can learn to prolong the pleasure in what is called “riding the wave”, an almost meditative state when climaxes are reached in which the man remains without emptying himself with ejaculation. For this tantric massage, testicular stimulation is also very important. Discover everything you need to know in our entry “Tantrico Lingam Massage”.

In our erotic massage center in the heart of Ibiza you will be able to discover the importance of knowing how to stimulate your erogenous zones well and you will start on a journey of self-discovery of your own body, its pleasures and your sexuality. Come and discover our different types of massage, choose the one you like the most and let yourself be carried away by this experience full of pleasure and eroticism.

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Why give my partner an erotic massage?

An erotic massage is a type of massage that, in addition to being relaxing and providing us with well-being like any other, also leads to a great state of excitement in the other person.

The purpose of this massage is not intercourse, but rather this is one of the possible outcomes when this massage is performed on a sexual partner. The objective, however, is to experience one’s own sexuality and that of the other person, to create intimacy and trust with the sexual partner and to achieve self-knowledge.

Of course, if the massage is between the members of a couple, this will be very useful to improve their sexual intimacy. A space to give pleasure to the receiver where he becomes aware of his own body and that leads him to a sexual liberation of his own and with his partner.

How to start the erotic massage

It is extremely important to set the scene where the massage will be given. We can achieve an intimate atmosphere that invites you to relax and let yourself go through different factors. First of all, get a dim and warm light, for this you can modulate the intensity of the light – if you don’t have this possibility, try placing a thin cloth over a lamp – and of course some candles.

Candles not only serve for dim lighting but also provide aroma. Aromatherapy is key because it influences the environment that is going to be created and how you are going to feel, you can choose aphrodisiac and stimulating aromas such as exotic fruits or more relaxing ones such as lavender.

Keep in mind that showing initiative and security is essential for your partner to let himself go, and good communication about which part he likes the most to be massaged or the intensity of the massage will make this experience go much further. Keep in mind that your partner may discover erogenous zones that he did not know before or that had never been caressed in an erotic massage, so it is time to discover and listen.

The best erotic massage

Massage oil is going to be your greatest ally. Put it in your hands and rub them to warm them so that the contact with your partner’s skin is pleasant from the first moment. It is very pleasant to follow an order in the areas that are massaged because it makes the pleasure go in crescendo.

There are several orders that you can follow, with practice you will discover which one your partner likes the most. We suggest you start from the feet and go up. The feet are very important erogenous zones because in addition to producing pleasure per se they are also reflex zones. This means that they are connected to other areas of the body and we will feel pleasure both in the foot and in its reflex zone. In addition to being doubly pleasant, it is also an area that helps us create a lot of expectation and therefore increase the desire in our partner. For the receiving person it will be a surprise to feel pleasure in the reflex zone that is not being touched and they will let themselves go much more.

Go up a little higher and stop at the hamstrings, the part behind the knee. All areas of thin skin that are folds are highly sensitive, in addition to the hamstrings, so are the armpits and groin. Gently caress and observe your partner, being such a sensitive area you may only need to stop there for a few seconds and move on to the next area because in addition to pleasure, it also produces a lot of tickles.

Use more oil when necessary, in areas such as the buttocks you can also use the hot oil from massage candles. You will see how the heat effect makes your massage even more sensual and exciting. On the buttocks, massage by moving your thumbs in circles and combine this movement with a linear massage from the bottom up. If you want to go a little further, separate your partner’s legs and when you are at the bottom of the buttock, make the movement reach his groin but without going beyond.

With your palms outstretched, go up from your buttocks to your neck, repeating this movement 3 or 4 times. Now focus on the back, making circular movements first on one side of the spine and then on the other. This is the best time for your partner to feel the touch of your body, do not just use your hands, let him feel your body for a few moments rubbing his back when you are massaging his neck. In addition to being very sensual, it helps create a stronger feeling of closeness.

It’s the turn of the shoulders and neck, make circular movements with the thumbs from the center of the back towards the shoulders. Take your time kissing and licking the neck and even experiment a little more in the erogenous zone of the ears, read the best techniques in the entry of erotic ear massage.

Now that your partner is relaxed, you can end the massage or ask them to turn around and continue down the torso. Nipples are such an erogenous and responsive zone that some people can even orgasm from stimulation alone. You can experiment until you know what pressure and rhythm your partner likes the most, you will discover it either by asking him or based on his moans and reactions when caressing him.

Now you can put all the tips into practice or if you prefer you can first go to EDEN Massage, our erotic massage center in Barcelona to enjoy this experience at the hands of our best masseuses.


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