In this article we want to talk about how you can release your anxiety with erotic massages.

I have no doubts that you have seen many times these articles talking about remedies to release your anxiety and some of them seems to be a bit funny, but do you actually feel really much better after following all these recommendations or is it sometimes just like a placebo?. Well, this is all about learning how to listen to your body. If you have just done something like eating a burger and you could learn how to make just a little pause to understand how you feel after that you will then understand if eating that burger made you feel happy, relaxed, angry, confused or what kind of feeling therefore you will do more of the things that make you feel good and pleased. Read carefully and you will understand how to release your anxiety with erotic massages.

In my case, I support the belief that we are all similar in some aspects but we have some differences as well in taste therefore what makes you happy can be a different thing to what makes me happy. In conclusion, start first listening to your body and understanding how you feel after taking some action like eating something or talking to someone or doing sports and so. On the other hand, in general terms I would say  that there are somethings that are making us feeling good that very few people could not relate to. These are moments like watching a sunset or hugging your mom. These energy exchanges bring a boost of oxcitocin, this hormone that makes us feel in peace and happy with the world as it is now without the rush to change things or the anxiety for having the feeling that something doesn’t work.

Why I am saying all this?

Feeling happy is actually very simple, it is just to understand that everything is good as it is, and appreciate and be grateful for who we are. There are some tools that could help us realize of this happy status mindset and those tools are connected to good vibes, good energy and good feelings. Did you ever feel anxious after a massage? Or after having sex? Very rarely right? Then, you got my point.

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A big result comes with a small change. Open your mind. Go with the flow and do more of what you like without thinking of others opinions because the ones that love you will be happy if they see you in a better and less anxious estate of mind.

It’s All Energy (Tantric Energy)

Pleasure, power, connection, awakening and even personal growth and healing happen solely because of the movement of energy. Yet, most of us remain unconscious and unaware of its literally constant contribution to the experience of life for us and for those around us.

Have you ever felt a person’s presence as they walked into a room before you could even see or hear them? That’s energy. Have you ever noticed that certain people “feel” good to be around, while being around others might leave you exhausted and depleted? That’s energy. Have you been making love and felt a spark or bolt of “something” within or between you that you couldn’t explain? That’s energy. In Tantric Living and Tantric Loving you not only recognize the importance of energy, you learn to intentionally move it, exchange it. And that kind of tantric energy exchange awakens, heals, connects and brings immeasurable pleasure to you and the ones you love (not just sexually and it’s awesome there!). Energy exchange happens all the time and you’ll become especially aware of it in hugs, kisses, lovemaking and simple touch.

Energy follows consciousness and breath, and it’s amplified by sound.

We’re all Divine

No matter what our religious, spiritual, or even anti-religious backgrounds, each of us is an expression of a higher power both beyond us and within us. The word Divine speaks to the silent yet profound essence of all of us. It speaks to the undefinable higher power that lives within and between all of us. Most of us believe that we’re each unique and totally separate. We are so not… and the ancient lovers and mystics knew that.

Have you thought spontaneously about someone who lives across the country and they call you a couple hours later? That’s a divine exchange of energy. Have you thought “wouldn’t it be great if…” and your “wish” manifested shortly thereafter? That’s also a divine exchange of energy (tantric energy). In other words, our nature is union – union with one another, union with all. Which shows us that our nature is love. Let me say that again. Our nature, our essence, is love. So no matter how someone behaves, no matter how they show up in a given moment, we can still know that their essence is love. (And, sometimes the pain from our life buries our essence deeply away, but it’s still there. It cannot leave.)

The Body is Sacred Temple

The body is the vehicle through which we get to experience tantric energy exchange and enjoy our divine nature. It’s the playground of our loving, whether we’re loving through our eyes, touch, a hug, a kiss, or intercourse. Without our bodies we couldn’t enjoy any of the pleasures of life. Yet, many of us pay little attention to the needs of our bodies. In the busyness of life, we can neglect and ignore the genuine needs of the body. Others vehemently judge their bodies and maybe even try to hide them. How can we truly make love if we judge and hide our body?

At the same time, the body of our partner plays a critical role in our loving. And, again, we don’t typically honor it as sacred either. We don’t tend to help our partners care for their bodies. Worse yet, we forget that it’s an honor and a privilege to get to play with another’s body. It is truly a privilege to touch it, smell it, taste it… to enter it or be entered by it… to feel its arms around us or its weight against us.

Without our bodies – and particularly without our well-loved bodies – we can’t have a powerful, pleasurable, and passionate relationship.


Sex is an Spiritual Experience

There is a reason many men and women alike say “Oh God” when we orgasm.  Lovemaking, and the moment of orgasm in particular, are one of the times that we can most palpably experience our divine nature. Again, it can be the time and place that we most vividly recognize that we are all divinely connected. As our bodies become “one” during lovemaking… or when we fall into each other’s souls as we tantric eye-gaze in our pleasure… or as we see spiritual, even god-like or angelic energy, when we make love to a beloved… we can know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that the divine lives within. It lives within ourselves, our beloved, and each and every other human being on the planet.

Remember as we talked about in the introduction, several but certainly not all, of the original Tantra practices were sexual in nature. Your sexuality can dissolve all boundaries between you and another as well as between you and God.

Let us show you in EDEN erotic massage the power of Tantra and how. great is the feeling after our experts have moved and lifted your tantric energy.

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