Couple massage Ibiza

At EDEN Erotic massage Ibiza we understand the importance of luxury and indulgence. This is why we ensure that our massages are the epitome of pleasure and luxury by utilising the best massage techniques and employing only the most beautiful and talented massage therapists. We also understand the importance of comfort, discretion and choice. This is why your Tantric massage will take place in your hotel room or home with a gorgeous masseuse that you have chosen yourself from our stunning gallery. A Tantric massage is a massage like no other. You will be taken on a journey of enlightened pleasure, ending in a rapturous climax that is indescribable. The emotional and pleasurable release at the end of a Tantric massage is intense; a truly incomparable sensation.

The ecstasy of a Tantric massage is not just restricted to one person you can enjoy the delights of a Tantric massage with your partner with our Tantric massage for couples. You will experience the same sacred and spiritual emotions, but the pleasure will be intensified. You will feel the positive sexual energies emanating from your partner as they are massaged tenderly by one of our beautiful and talented masseuses or masseurs. A Tantric massage for couples is a full body massage experience. You will feel your naked masseuse’s body against yours, tenderly creating a spiritual connection between you both as the sensuality and pleasure is slowly and pleasurably built. EDEN Erotic massage Ibiza’s Tantric massage for couples adds a new and exciting element to your relationship as your explore each others’ sexuality and spirituality, guided by your talented masseuses.

A Tantric massage is an incredibly special massage. Not only does it include all the benefits of a regular massage such as relaxation, pain relief and stress reducing abilities it heightens your senses and allows you to explore your sexuality and spirituality in an intimate and pleasurable way. Tantric massage was discovered centuries ago in ancient Hindu texts and has been used extensively to bring order to life and to experience clarity of mind. EDEN Erotic massage Ibiza for couples allows you to experience these benefits and more experiencing this massage with your partner will create sexual and emotional harmony between you, bringing your fantasies to life.

The intimacy and pleasure you will experience during the Tantric massage for couples will be like no other. There will be the anticipation and excitement of trying something new with your partner and the feeling of a deep connection as you reach an elevated spiritual plane together. You will explore both of your fantasies, emotions and sexualities together in order to uncover positive energies previously dormant within your body. You will even learn new things about your partner’s sexuality, therefore improving your sexual relationship. You will have a better understanding of the enjoyment you can bring your partner due to your new found spiritual and sexual enlightenment. A Tantric massage is special in many ways not only does it create a pleasurable physical release, but it also creates a spiritual release. Your talented masseuse will ensure that you reach spiritual and sexual enlightenment, uniting your mind, body and soul for a life affirming and unforgettable experience. After experiencing a Tantric massage for couples, you will have a new perspective on your sexuality and pleasure. It will create a brand new appreciation for your emotions and sexual pleasure, ensuring a strengthened sexual relationship with your partner and a shared sensual, electrifying experience.

Our Tantric massage for couples will benefit your relationship both sexually and emotionally and is ideal for an unforgettable and sensual treat, a way to explore fantasies safely and to invigorate your sexuality. Our Tantric massage for couples refreshes you and allows you to explore your emotions, taking you on a journey of enlightenment and ecstasy that will never be forgotten. EDEN Erotic massage Ibiza’s Tantric massage for couples is based upon the ancient teachings of Tantric massage and we are dedicated to training our masseuses to fully understand this sacred, sensual art and the best techniques to bring your rapturous pleasure. Our devotion to training our masseuses in the art of Tantric massage ensures that you will experience the best Tantric massage on offer. For a truly life changing experience, book a Tantric massage for couples with EDEN Erotic massage Ibiza today.

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