The best tips to stimulate the testicles for testicular pleasure

The testicles are one of the most important erogenous zones, a very sensitive area that is made up of millions of nerve endings for testicular pleasure. Thanks to this, they can be stimulated in thousands of ways, which will make you discover very pleasant sensations that you may not have known until now.

Among the best stimulation techniques are stimulation with your hands, with your mouth, you can also play with a change in temperature and even stimulate them during penetration.

The most classic stimulation for testicular pleasure

It is best to smear your hands with a good water-based lubricant or with some massage oil, this way you avoid annoying rubbing or friction that can harm your partner.

To start, you can cup his testicles with one hand and slowly move your fingers. From that moment it will be very important that you observe his expressions and the rest of the non-verbal language that will help you to know which are his most sensitive areas or the movements that he likes the most. Try to vary the rhythm and direction of the movement to check which sensations are the ones that make him feel the most pleasure, you will probably discover some point of pleasure that he himself did not know.

Be sure to stimulate all around his testicles, don’t limit yourself to one area. This examination will take you to the perineum, a very thin area of ​​skin between the testicles and the anus. Caress her while gradually increasing the intensity, you will increase her pleasure infinitely, the reason is that this is one of the ways to stimulate her P-spot.

At EDEN Massage our erotic masseuses know the best techniques to stimulate the P-spot. If you want to experience a new world of pleasures, come and let yourself be carried away by the hands of our masseuses.

Stimulation with the mouth for testicular pleasure: a secret that changes everything

Thin-skinned areas can be stimulated with other parts of the body besides the hands, such as the tongue and lips. The softness of both parts and the humidity will make the stimulation very fluid, all your nerve endings will be stimulated and at the same time you will be able to experience a pleasant sensation of heat, which will further enhance your pleasure and your level of excitement.

You can also try using an edible massage oil, or one that provides a hot/cold effect, it will lead you to discover a paradise full of different pleasures that you didn’t know you could feel.

A massage to cultivate sexual energy

Our expert masseuses know how to use their massage techniques to, in addition to producing pleasure, move and control sexual energy. Testicular massage allows you to generate and recover this energy and through massage it is also possible to increase the production of testosterone, one of the most important sex hormones, produced in the testicles.

This movement of energy allows you to revitalize sexual energy, strengthen erections and relieve any pressure on the testicles that you may feel after intercourse. Our masseuses follow some of the techniques of the Taoist master Mantak Chia.

According to Mantak Chia, the healing energy in the hands must be used to perform this massage. You start by massaging each testicle with your index finger and thumb for one or two minutes, this may cause some mild discomfort, in which case you should continue massaging gently until the pain disappears. This pain may be due to some energy blockage and with the massage it is possible to mobilize the energy in that area.

This is followed by a technique that invigorates and increases sperm production. It is done by raising the penis and gently tapping the testicles with the middle finger. This type of technique, together with stimulation techniques, makes you feel great well-being and improves your sexual health.

The Lingam Massage

The Sanskrit word for the male sexual organ is Lingam, which means Staff of Light that channels energy and pleasure. That is the concept of the male sexual organ that is used in the world of tantra.

Tantric massages go beyond the search for sexual arousal, it is understood as the achievement of harmony between body and spirit. This practice is free of expectations about the couple, you just have to open yourself to feel and enjoy.

When the man has freed himself from the goal of achieving an orgasm, and with the right training, it is when he can learn to prolong the pleasure in what is called “riding the wave”, an almost meditative state when climaxes are reached in which the man remains without emptying himself with ejaculation. For this tantric massage, testicular stimulation is also very important. Discover everything you need to know in our entry “Tantrico Lingam Massage”.

In our erotic massage center in the heart of Ibiza you will be able to discover the importance of knowing how to stimulate your erogenous zones well and you will start on a journey of self-discovery of your own body, its pleasures and your sexuality. Come and discover our different types of massage, choose the one you like the most and let yourself be carried away by this experience full of pleasure and eroticism.

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